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Here are some of the services we provide here at Spirinity Productions!

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Whether it's a film, TV show, commercial, music video, interview, behind the scenes, or any other type of video, here at Spirinity Productions we can do it! Bring us your ideas or let us help you create one from scratch! We love collaborating with you and helping you bring your vision to life. No matter how big or small the production, it's important to us to produce quality content. When the final product is finished, our goal is for our clients to be 100% satisfied.

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Do you need music or dialogue recorded? Perhaps some musical instruments or audio equipment for a concert or tour? Look no further! With access to the newest audio and recording technology as well as access to thousands of instruments, we've got you covered! We can also come out to your event or tour to run your audio and lighting needs! Don't forget about the concert pictures and video! Here at Spirinity Productions, we've got it all!



You made a project, a skill, a business and you want to get it out there. Having a PR expert on your team to spread the word is extremely important in the entertainment business. A public relations expert will represent you and your projects, pitching you to media outlets, arranging for interviews and red carpets, finding partnerships and so much more. At Spirinity Productions we are partnered with some of the top influential experts and agencies and we are happy to help you get connected!



Have your own project and need a crew? We have a vast network of crew and cast of all talents and abilities here at Spirinity Productions! Producers, directors, writers, directors of photography, camera operators, assistant camera team, gaffers, grips, location managers, photographers, sound technicians, art directors, prop masters, hair and makeup, wardrobe specialists, casting directors, productions assistants, talent and so much more!



If you've been involved with an entertainment project before, you know how much gear can be involved. At Spirinity Productions we can provide you with the gear and equipment you need! Cameras, lighting, gaffing and grip materials, staging, audio equipment, monitors, drone cameras, set and art department materials and more! We also have all the operators who know how to make your project look amazing. Looking for something specific? We can get it for you!



Looking for talent for your film, TV show, commercial, editorial shoot, music video, live performance or any other project? Let us help you find the right people that fit your vision perfectly! We can cast actors, dancers, hosts, interviewers, animals, stunt performers, singers, and others of all ages, skill levels, looks, backgrounds and talents for you. Whether you want to be involved in the process, or you want us to take care of it completely, at Spirinity Productions we can adjust to your needs.



Dancing can bring so much life and dimension to a project, and it's vital to have a talented choreographer involved. At Spirinity Productions we have incredible choreographers and dancers of all styles including, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, partner, salsa, popping, contemporary, breakdancing, swing, and even stunt performers and fight specialists! We also have access to rehearsal spaces of all shapes and sizes to fit your project needs.



Photographs are powerful ways to communicate to and engage with your audience. Whether you need pictures for your editorial campaign, headshots for your career, product photographs for your business, images that capture your live event, behind the scenes photos from filming, landscape photographs, album cover art, aerial pictures from a drone or helicopter, social media images, or any other type of photographs, we can do it for you!



For someone in the spotlight, it can be hard to adjust to press and media. How do you walk a red carpet? How do you handle controversial questions? What do you do with live streams? How do you stop saying the word "um"? We have talent development experts who can help you with your interview skills, speaking abilities, and on camera techniques! Are you on the other side of the interview asking the questions? Here at Spirinity Productions, we can help you too!  Let us help you be ready for whatever comes your way!