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Why chose Spirinity Productions?
Spirinity Productions is here to bring your vision to life. We want to partner and collaborate with you so that your finished product truly reflects you and your brand. Whether you have a specific idea and just need the crew to create it, or you'd like us to help you bring your idea to life, we are happy to work with you! With a vast network of talented crew, talent and technology, there's not project we can't handle. Our team works hard on every project, striving to produce the highest quality we can within the budget we have. Let's make your project together!
How much will it cost to create my project?
Great question! Each project is unique in it's needs for crew, equipment and production, so we can't give a set number. However, we'd love to talk with you about your project regardless of your budget size! Whether it's small or big, we will work hard to help you bring your project to life! Give us a call at 314-471-5049, email us at or fill out our request a quote form to find out more!
What does the production process look like?
After you contact us about your production needs and we decide to work together, we will determine your budget and hear any ideas you have for your project. Then our team will work to create a production plan including the concept and production time we estimate we would need. Once everything is approved on your end, we will get started in our pre-production process, hiring our crew, finding talent, determining filming locations, creating the schedule and anything else we need to do! Once production is over, we will begin our post-production process. After we put together the project on our end, you will be able to give your feedback and let us know if you want anything changed. Once we're all finished, we will give you the final project in whatever format you need! While there are a lot of steps, we'll make sure to walk you through it!
I've never done any kind of production before, where do I start?
We understand that the entertainment industry can seem overwhelming and that's why we're here to help you! After we begin working together, we will make sure your needs are taken care of and help you with any questions or concerns you have.
How long will it take to finish my project?
Here at Spirinity Productions, we've always been able to turn around our projects within our clients' timeline needs. Usually the complexity of the production as well as the budget will determine the length of time we need to finish the product. Whether you need something turned around quick or have some time, let us know! We'd love to talk more with you and give you specifics on your project.
I already have a specific idea for my project, is that ok?
Of course it is! We are here to bring your vision to life. Let us know more about your ideas and we'll see how we can partner together!
Do you travel outside of Los Angeles?
Our team here at Spirinity Productions loves to travel! We have our passports and would love to talk to you about your production needs no matter where you are located!
How can I keep production costs low?
The more crew and days we need to bring the project to life, the higher the costs will be. If you're working with a smaller budget, we will do our best to bring the highest production value to your project while staying within your budget.

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