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The award winning Spirinity Productions was founded in 2014 by Spencer Evans. With years of acting under his belt, Spencer wanted to approach directing and producing with a fresh, innovative approach. Being a man of vision and leadership his goal was to bring to life interesting stories that entertain and inspire. ​

Now, Spirinity Productions is a full fledged production company based in Los Angeles, CA.  Our team consists of producers, directors, writers, directors of photography, editors, sound engineers, gaffers, photographers, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe specialists, art designers, prop managers, script supervisors, production assistants, craft service specialists, talent, casting directors, reporters, marketing experts, and composers - many of which are award winning and highly respected in the entertainment industry.

Here at Spirinity, we enjoy projects of all shapes and size. We love creating music videos, films, TV shows, short films, commercials, infomercials, documentaries, red carpets, interviews, behind the scenes videos, photoshoots, and basically anything that can be captured on camera.

​We've worked with international chart-topping recording artists, TV stars, popular social media influencers and some of the biggest TV and film stars of our time, as well as businesses looking to make a bigger name for their company. You can see a few of them on our homepage.

So whether you have a million dollar budget, a medium budget, or a small budget, Spirinity Productions is here for you!

For more information about our services, previous projects, or anything... CONTACT US! We'd love to hear from you!